Every piece reflects a journey of dedication and innovation. It's not just about building, but crafting experiences that resonate.


From artful app interfaces to a web presence that embraces every mother-to-be, we breathed life into Expectful’s digital journey, crafting mobile, web, and landing experiences, all underpinned by a solid backend foundation.

Acquired by



Whipping up a digital culinary academy, we shaped Parsnip’s vision into appetizing web and mobile platforms. Learn, cook, and track — every bite of this project was seasoned with innovation and passion.


Numbers Station

Numbers Station embarked on an ambitious journey, revolutionizing the realm of data through AI. Alongside them, we contributed our expertise by implementing an MVP, complete with intuitive UI/UX and a robust web app, helping to lay the foundation for their transformative vision in the data landscape.

$17.5 million Series A round

sol tv

Sol TV

Tasked with creating a vibrant online haven, we conceptualized and executed a sophisticated web platform that centralizes more than 200 experts sharing pearls of wisdom. We infused innovative video processing and hosting solutions to foster a dynamic space where creators and seekers could converge, exchange, and grow.

Behind the Scenes Q&A

What industries have you catered to in your projects?

We've partnered with a diverse range of businesses spanning healthcare, fintech, edtech, e-commerce, and more. Each industry has unique challenges, and our project showcases reflect our adaptability and expertise.

Can you provide more technical details about a particular project I'm interested in?

Absolutely! We're proud of the technical solutions we've crafted. If you have questions about a specific project, reach out, and we'll dive deep into the technical aspects with you.

Are there any ongoing partnerships or post-launch support for these projects?

Yes, many of our client relationships extend beyond the initial launch. We offer post-launch support, updates, and continuous collaboration to ensure the project's continued success.