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Behind the Scenes Q&A

What challenges might I face if I decide to build my internal team instead
of partnering with Tapforce?

Building an internal team is a significant commitment. Initially, there's the financial aspect of hiring and maintaining an internal team to consider, especially when working towards creating an MVP and achieving product-market fit. Then, there's the time it takes to scout, interview, and onboard the right set of professionals, from designers to QA experts. Even once you've built your team, it's a journey for them to gel and operate cohesively. This entire process can cause financial pressures, often making fundraising a priority over product development. Plus, if funding falls short, it may lead to tough decisions, such as parting with valuable team members.

How does partnering with Tapforce address these challenges?

When you partner with Tapforce, you're essentially onboarded with a team that has shared histories, having worked on multiple projects over the years. There's an immediate synergy, eliminating the teething troubles of a new team. This cohesiveness results in efficient workflows right from the beginning. Additionally, we provide the flexibility to scale resources based on your needs and financial health. So, even if there's a need to cut down costs temporarily, we can adjust our focus and realign when you're ready. Our singular focus remains your product, ensuring it gets the attention it deserves.

How does Tapforce ensure that my project timelines and goals align
with my fundraising activities?

At Tapforce, we understand the critical interplay between product development and fundraising. Our team ensures that your product milestones align with your fundraising timelines. This alignment ensures you always have the right deliverables and progress reports when engaging with potential investors. With us, you're not just gaining a development partner; you're getting a strategic ally that understands the startup ecosystem's nuances, offering peace of mind throughout your journey.