The origins of tapforce:
when friendship fused with vision

Alexander Tsoukias

Founder, CEO

Artur Balabanskyy

Artur Balabanskyy

Founder, CTO

John Dimopanagos

Senior DevOps, Security Head

Trung Le Vu Tran

Fullstack Developer

Oleksandr Syneiko

Senior Software Developer

Nazar Kvyatkovsky

Nazar Kvyatkovsky

Mobile Team Lead, iOS Engineer

Zoriana Ivaniuk

iOS Developer

Katy Peleh

Head of Marketing

Xu Sova

Quality Assurance

Kateryna Antonenko

UI/UX Designer

Sara Nohe

Product Manager

Maria Phovelisvili

Project Manager

Roman Rak

Front End Developer

Dimitris Vlachos

Android Developer

Athan Tom Sklavos

Media Director/Producer

Anton Shulhin

Front End Developer

Ihor Tsiurpita

Front End Developer

Taras Stetskovich

Full Stack Developer

Taras Hlushko

Full Stack Developer

Behind the Scenes Q&A

How do you select members for the Tapforce team?

At Tapforce, we look for individuals who not only excel in their technical expertise but also align with our core values of innovation, collaboration, and dedication. Every member undergoes a rigorous selection process, ensuring that they bring both talent and passion to our collective mission.

How do teams at Tapforce collaborate on projects?

Collaboration is in our DNA. Our projects often involve cross-functional teams where designers, developers, and strategists work hand-in-hand from ideation to execution. Utilizing the latest collaboration tools and methodologies, we ensure seamless communication, both internally and with our clients.

Will the same team be available for post-launch support
or future phases of the project?

Yes, continuity is vital for us. The team that works on your project's initial phase will be available for post-launch support and any subsequent phases. This ensures a deep understanding of your product across its lifecycle.

How does Tapforce's global team influence its projects and outcomes?

Our global tapestry is our strength. By having team members from places like the USA, Ukraine, Greece, and Vietnam, we bring a unique blend of perspectives and skills to each project. This diversity fuels our creativity, enabling us to craft solutions that resonate with a global audience. At Tapforce, technology meets artistry and code meets culture, ensuring that our projects are not just functional but also culturally insightful.